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I’ve started working with Titanium (Ti) about 2 months ago and since then i’ve realized, that even so it isn’t perfect, bug free (in fact, it is far from this) solution, but it’s the best one out there.

Compare to phonegap, it simply works.
I had nightmare with phonegap and xcode 4 and never managed to make it work so i’ve give up on it. There are tons of articles comparing phonegap and Ti, but the main argument what favors Ti is, that Ti translate javascript into native components, compare to phonegap, what simply display webpage. In fact, you can simulate phonegap in Ti using webview.

Of course, the best solution would be to learn ObjectiveC (iOS) and Java (Android, BlackBerry) (potentially some .net language for Win7, but who use it anyway), but i don’t have time for this. I know JavaScript and if someone offer me solution to use it to build apps for all major platforms (iOS, Android, BB soon), I’ll use it! I’ve started to learn ObjectiveC so i can read the code at least, i can read java code and i’ve got some experience with c# (for .net). This definitely helps when you want to look under the hood into Ti SDK and ‘fix’ something before Ti dev team gets to it.

But if you know just JavaScript, you are perfectly fine to start using Ti straight away. So lets get started with some helpful links:


When you read all if it, i mean ALL of it, you can join IRC channel, where you can get some more help. Don’t expect anything, its channel for us, users, so noone have to help you. Often you’ll be ignored, but often you’ll get answer, or at least will be pointed to right direction. Or you will help to someone, who haven’t read links above :) channel #titanium_app

I’ll post more about Ti, mainly problems what i’ve got and how i’ve solved them during development process.
Stay tuned.

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