Browser Support – Sublime2 package

TL;DR: Sublime good. Plugin to show you Browser Support of selected search term.


I’ve started using Sublime Text 2 as my main editor at work. Partially because i was not given any proper ID and partially because i wanted to try something new. So far i was using Text Wrangler and Zend Studio at home, but i might soon switch to S2.


S2 is a solid editor. Not perfect (try ti print :). The great thing about it is, that you can install packages. And there are lots of them out there. You  miss a feature? Do some googling and in while you can install a plugin what does exactly what you were missing.

During the last project i found myself googling different CSS properties just to find out, if they are supported in IE8 and other browsers. Obviously i’ve looked for a plugin what would help me, but the only thing i found was “Can I Use”. Solid plugin but its main disadvantage is, that it opens results in the new browser window. (also there is the bug with splitting words by hyphen) I wanted something what would show me results directly inside the editor. And because i didn’t find anything, i decided to build it myself.


S2 plugins are written in Python. I never wrote a single line of Python before, but because it looked quite easy, it did’t stop me. I’ve used this great tutorial and official API documentation and in 1,5 days i’ve submitted my first plugin into package control :)


Plugin can be found in my GitHub repo: Sublime2 Browser Support plugin.

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