Firefox Personas preview

Just found new (for someone mb old) firefox feature called Personas.

It looks like its some light version of themes. But what is actually interesting, and i really would like to know how to get this on my web, is instant preview. Open it in firefox and point mouse over one of these images.

The Idea

Now imagine that you could be able to create this preview on your page.
And now imagine that you could automatically apply this theme when anyone visit your page.
That would means, your page could extends its design to actual browser UI.


Anyway i’ve tried really hard to find any example/post/tutorial just something describing how to achieve this.
at least to get this preview onto my page, from there it should be easy to final idea.
but it looks like, this instant preview works just on page :/

Work around

I still got couple of ideas to try. One is to get approved my custom persona (already in process) and than create iframe to get preview on my page. then i will somehow try to apply this theme automatically, but i can imagine there will be security issues with JavaScript trying to access something on different domain :/

so if anyone know how to do this, CONTACT ME please :)

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