fontis ANZ extension – critical bug

price sent to payment system had more than 2 decimals.
in the code, they are multiplying the price by 100 to get integer but later on you are not checking if this price is actually integer or still float
in our case it was still float
ANZ is expecting price to be integer in their API call, and if its float, its throwing unknown exception. luckily its loged.

in file  Egate.php in protected function _call($type, Varien_Object $payment) i’ve added $amount = round($amount);” before $request = array();
in my version it was added on line 198 but this might be different from your version as i might have added additional comments to the code for me.

2 thoughts on “fontis ANZ extension – critical bug

  1. michael

    I’ve applied your suggestion.
    Thanks for the information.

    Further to this
    Have you had experience creating ‘credit memos’
    I’ve noticed that the ‘refund’ button is not available despite the extension claiming that ‘refunds’ work
    .. The ‘offline refund’ button is available


  2. gondo Post author

    nope, refund never worked. and to contact Fontis is close to impossible unfortunately they do not response what so ever :/

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