Spring Cleaning for Magento Connect

magento just announced Spring Cleaning for Magento Connect in my opinion its mostly step back rather than forward.

while my comment waits for approval,

what about rather showing download count and adding option to sort by it and to sort by Magento version? this way extensions will clear “themselves”
and more importantly implementing proper search and requirement for unit test for each extension (or at least make this requirement for M2)
supporting Magento down to version 1.3. with every extension is overkill. you will just force everyone to move to github. or even worse (for you), someone will create better alternative.

let me propose alternative.

Magento Connect Alternatvie

  • current functionality
  • improved search
  • sort by magento version, download count
  • github connect for extension developers
  • option to add tags for extension
  • option to provide unit tests (and finally build unified unit test framework for magento) extensions with unit test would be specially marked
  • option to download extension directly not only via magento connect
  • stay on the same page where you login (not stupid redirection to my account)

and i can imagine many more small improvements could be found. maybe eve command line access to download extension as packages.

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