XAMPP and Xdebug on MAC

24.2.2010 UPDATE ! It works ! finally !

I’ve just spent another 4 hours trying to make Xdebug work under XAMPP on my snow leopard without success.
I’ve tried downloading xdebug.so from different locations and setting it in php.ini in so many different ways but still not succeed. Apache is still running without any error message. So i’ve decided to download and compile latest version but i ended up on missing php-dev files (WTF is this ??). I’ve found source files for php on my machine (yes in include folder) and also tried to download it directly from php.net, but again, xdebug was not able to locate and include this files during “make” process so i ended up with big disappointment and i’ve wasted long time what could be spent in much more productive way.

I am seriously thinking to switch to MAMP and give it a try.

If anyone know how to make it run, pls, PLEASE email me asap !


So, it looks like the problem was, that mac by default (latest versions) got preinstalled php. So what i was actually trying to achieve, was to get generated code coverage with unit testing. After few (a looot) tries, i’ve finally found out what was the problem. All the time i was trying to compile xdebug with XAMPP php and configs without any success. Still don’t know whats wrong with XAMPP but i don’t care, i don’t need xcode running with XAMPP.

So if anyone is interesting, i’ve followed this tutorial (few times, each time under different conditions) and at the end saw nice message saying “Generating code coverage report, this may take a moment.PHP” at the end of phpunit report in terminal. FINALLY !

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