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This is why i was looking onto YouTube’s API.
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So it looks likes there is some clause in YouTube terms what is saying that if you want to use API you have to display video. But i assume that there is no mentioned exact size of the video, so 1px x 1px should do tha trick. But still, someone should read that terms and PLS let me know.

Some facts

YouTube logo

YouTube is great website with huge content.
You can find there a lot of really interesting videos.
And as everyone know, videos together comes with sound.
There are already lot of videos there what are more like music files than videos. They usually contains just 1 or couple of images but their main reason is to play music.
YouTube provide API to create your custom player.
And whats the best is, its free and legal! Or at least you don’t have to care bout legacy, because you don’t own any content, you just use what google offers you to publish on your website if you accept google’s Terms of Service.

The idea

Create your own YouTube Music Player!
So without long and boring writing, here is the concept and first version:

YouTube Music Player – zip


YouTube Music Player – demo

Hope you like it and please let me know if someone use it somewhere :)

2 thoughts on “YouTube music player

  1. Mark

    Hi Gondo !
    This player is real (I mean REAL) nice…
    super would be if you have a NEXT & BACK button
    so it would be possible to include a YouTube ‘Playlist’,
    because playing always the same track…
    hmmm… well, boring… unless it’s your all time favorite LOL ! :) !
    Keep up the great work !

  2. gondo Post author

    hi, this is just a demonstration of my idea.
    i’ve posted source code, so you can download and edit it if you want to, its based on open source API anyway.

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